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Dance Specific Training
- Dance specific training -

What is Dance Specific Training?

Dance specific or sport specific does not mean that we mimic the activity of the sport or dance on the training ground.

It means that we identify strengths and weaknesses that are specific to a particular activity and try to ensure that these skills are rounded out and improved at the same time.

For example , specific movements / workouts:
Trunk stabilization, external rotation, shifting of weight, special requirements eg for floor work, possibly injured areas or personal weaknesses.

--> Fitness training:
It supports dance training and improves dance technique.
This is how we protect ourselves from injury. High aerobic capacity is helpful for anaerobic demands. (e.g. with intensive jump combinations).

--> Strength endurance and explosive strength training:
They improve coordination, jumping power and reduce reaction times.
Among other things, it improves dance art and performance on the dance floor.

Haven't I convinced you yet? Try it.

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08.05.2022 - 3 - 4 p.m
05/22/2022 - 09 - 10 a.m
05/29/2022 - 09 - 10 a.m
Studio Orange, Anglerstrasse 6, Munich

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