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About me


Something about me...

my name is Anna - born 1988 ♓ in Eboli (southern Italy) but living in Munich since differents years!

I love to dance and teach bachata. Since 2020 I'm a certified Bachata Sensual Instructor by the Creators of Bachata Sensual Korke and Judith and, among other things, I am one of the first members of the Bachata Fusion Academy in Milan.

Through private lessons and further training in various dance styles, I have developed my own dance and teaching style.
I teach Bachata & Salsa in Munich and can also be found at various events and festivals.

In 2022 I founded a great ladies group in Munich 💫 where we learned and performed a very well-known choreo -Women Movement by Gatica.

I am also always active as an organizer for events and festivals around Munich.

​Dancing is a passion for me, good for the soul and the body.

It allows us to connect with new people and have positive experiences... and it's physically challenging. This makes us very active, so dancing can definitely be described as a sport.

For this reason, I have decided to continue my education in 2020 as part of nutritional coach.

My goal is to help dancers feel good inside, mentally and physically ❤️‍🔥

Developing the own style with the right techniques and listening to the needs of the body and harmonizing them ⚖️


- Optimist
- Engaged / Motivator
- Durable
- Team player
- Empath

- Italian

- German

- English

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